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__Server Loreia is a non-standard international x300 HIGH FIVE CRT project that goes beyond the usual game framework with a focus on massive minute-to-minute PvP. A well-developed economic system will reliably preserve all your gaming achievements. The new game model allows both clans and solo players to fight on equal terms to capture outposts, battle spots, challenge in the battle arena, or securely cement their name among the leaders of the Olympics.
__Perfect class balance not only affects the main professions, but also gives new life to the supporting classes. By choosing support as your main profession, you not only get a bonus to the base rates, but also extend it to your entire group.
__Choosing the path as the leader of the clan, you can safely challenge the warring parties, seizing the advantage in the battle for epic bosses, establishing complete dominance over the battle spots, securing your possession by capturing outposts. Show your leadership skills on the battlefield and form a formidable opposition for hundreds of clans. Your clan is always a welcome guest in the Battle Arena!

A good old server without purchased clans, without bots, without wipes.

Server start this winter

Start the game now and claim your bonuses!
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