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EN Affiliate program for streamers


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__Start streaming right now by choosing one of the popular platforms Youtube, Twitch, Facebook. In addition to the main reward, the most active streamers will be able to claim an additional bonus in 4 hours.
__Stream broadcasts on the main page of the site are published automatically, leaving an application on the forum does not need to be enough to follow the link and add the stream by first creating a game account. Applications on the forum are left only if you want to receive an award, but more on that below.

Award for broadcasts from 2 to 50 viewersAward for broadcasts from 51 to 200 viewers or more
For the first 4 hours of stream - 10 Gold Einhasad;For the first 4 hours of stream - 20 Gold Einhasad;
For every next 1 hour of stream - 2 Gold Einhasad;For every next 1 hour of stream - 4 Gold Einhasad;
Bonus codes for viewers - 4;Bonus codes for viewers - 6;
Bonus for the first 24 hours of the stream: 20 Gold Einhasad.Bonus for the first 24 hours of the stream: 40 Gold Einhasad.

Bonus codes for 1 day of premium account (+ 50%) are intended only for your viewers, no need to cheat and transfer them in advance, to friends or clan members !!! All data from the chat and the exact activation time are displayed in statistics.
An additional bonus is given for the total time of your stream, it is not necessary to stream the whole day.

Conditions for streaming of applicants for the award:
  • The minimum number of viewers is 2;
  • The minimum time for a stream broadcast is 4 hours;
  • The name of the stream must contain a link to our site - LOREIA.NET
  • Mandatory presence of a microphone and a web camera.
Award application form:
  • Link to the recording of the broadcast;
  • Enter the character's nickname.
Issuance of an award once every 24 hours, you should not send an application every hour.

Requirements for participants:
  • Bonus codes must be published via the broadcast chat with an interval of 30 minutes of the stream, but not earlier than 30 minutes after the start of the broadcast;
  • Broadcasts of non-game content are not counted. Each broadcast must be at least 4 hours long;
  • You must record your stream throughout the entire broadcast and it must be present in the video before receiving the award;
  • In the description of the stream, as well as during its implementation, there should be no mention of services for the sale of game values and advertising of other projects.
  • During the stream, anti-advertising of the project, inappropriate behavior and insults to the administration and players are prohibited;
  • If malicious deception is found (cheating subscribers, broadcast idleness), the issuance of the award will be canceled;
  • If the minimum number of viewers on the stream is less than 2, the stream will be automatically removed from the main page;
  • If the stream is turned off or there is no link to the site for more than 3 days, the stream will be automatically deleted;
  • If the number of viewers drops during the entire game stream several times from 2 to 0, then the bonus for the first 24 hours will not be issued.

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